Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pre-existing Conditions Are A Manufactured Crisis Created By Government

Those who are interested in pre-existing conditions as a litmus test of judging the moral rightness of a policy should consider who is responsible for their existence and what kind of policies brought us to a state where the only way to get affordable health-care is to have employer-provided health insurance.  There is a whole history of legislation since WWII-era wage restrictions and deductions for employer provided insurance that got us here.

The phenomenon of pre-existing conditions didn't happen because it made sense in the free market any more than the phenomenon of widespread employer-provided insurance.  It happened because of decades of dislocations caused by government policy. And now the next generation of politicians and their proponents, including Obama's euphemistically-named "Truth Team", are citing the consequences of their predecessors' previous folly to justify their policy of further control of medical care.

Their arguments will only seem to hold water if you are unaware of history and/or economics.  Inoculate yourself against fallacy.

Force is not Freedom... Even when it's motivated by compassion.


(photo credit: "Shell Game" by EmilyKBecker)

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