Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bosch Fawstin... Keeping It Real on Islam

Bosch Fawstin posted in April one of his most compelling pieces of writing to his blog.  I have seen a lot written on Islam since 9/11 and his piece in particular strikes this sweet spot between firmly removing the goggles of political correctness and using a soft enough tone so that he can be heard by a reasoning mind willing to challenge its own unconscious beliefs and assumptions.

Here are some key takeaways from the piece:
  • "There is nothing in Islam that stays the hand of Muslims who want to kill non-Muslims."  
  • "The Muslim world is where the true meaning of Islam can be found in practice. Islam – not any alleged deviant form of it – means misogyny, censorship, anti-Semitism, homophobia, wife-beatings, beheadings, honor killings, pedophilia/“child marriages”, murdering infidels, etc. This is evil, and Islam sanctions every bit of it, but we’ve been told that we must respect “one of the world’s great religions” because it’s a religion."
  • "Our problem is not “Islamophobia”, but Islamophilia  ...this uncritical, uninformed, absolute defense of Islam by Western elites after 9/11..."
I think Bosch is convincing on this point: Non-violent muslims give cover to the extremists in their group by their lack of vocal and outspoken protest.  Maybe they feel like they can't speak out for fear of retribution.  If so, I think that is indicative of the nature of Islam.  Worse, Islam gets partial credit for their choice of non-violence.

The BIGGEST question I have after reading this is: "If Islam is about peace, where is their outspoken Martin Luther King or Ghandi figure?"  He/She (yeah... right) doesn't exist and that might be because he would be a contradiction... snuffed out in an instant as a traitor to Islam.

I think Islam shouldn't be as big of a threat as it is.  A country without the manufactured moral crisis that we have would have already gone to war and secured unconditional surrenders from Iran and Saudi Arabia.  But it is the way it is because people in the West refuse to look upon Islam and talk about its fundamental nature.

A desire not to see the world in black and white sometimes results in our refusal to admit what is before our eyes.  Or, if I am being generous, perhaps we get confused between what is the signal and what is the line noise.  Either way, we are in deep doo-doo until we get our heads on right and I thank Bosch for his piece.