Friday, April 22, 2011

Analysis of a Euphemism: Good Friday

Today is called Good Friday, on which day some people celebrate a man's death. I, however, can only see moral perversion when I look closely.

In their morality, you are born guilty.  Before you even take your first breath, their ethos considers you sinful.  This is for some action that someone else supposedly took before you ever existed.

Later in time, a man is executed brutally and this somehow opens the door for you to be relieved of this guilt you did not earn.

Let's recap so far.  You're guilty not because of your action.  And you can earn forgiveness, also not through your own action.  But there is a catch.  All you have to do is believe something that you have no reason on earth to believe.  And the reason they want you to believe it is because you have no reason to.  (Which for some reason brings this clip from Star Trek TNG to mind.)

And then, after establishing that your actions have no relation to your moral status, they have the impudence to tell you that in order to be good, you have to conduct yourself in a certain way.  That morality is tied to your action after all.


You know what this makes me what to do?  It makes me want to tell them where they can shove their stupid little ideas.  And what body parts of mine they can heap affection onto.