Friday, March 25, 2011

"Everything happens for a reason"

When something horrible occurs, many reply that it is all part of god's plan and we must be have faith for his long-term intentions for our well-being. "Everything happens for a reason". Here is my reply.


If we're talking about Japan, all of the "reasons" which can be rationally proven are geological. There is no metaphysical message to be taken from such an event. There is only the question of what one can do to mitigate or eliminate its risks. E.g. Polio is killing and disabling people -- solution: study the disease and invent a vaccine. This requires science and technology. It requires reason -- human reason.

When we reach into a grab bag of make-believe and superstition (religion), the human faculty of reason is no longer what we are talking about and no longer applies. As comes to faith, it always requires that reason must take a back seat. Why? Reason's fundamental requirement is evidence: that is, facts connected necessarily to an inference by logical integration.

When you discard either facts or logic, you've pretty much given up on trying to understand "reasons" for the crisis, probably because you've given up on reason.