Friday, February 11, 2011

Notes About Copper - For Shelly

Copper - aka "The Buddy"
So I got this new kitty on new years eve and his name is Copper and he's a Bengal.  If you're friends with me on BOOKFACE then you know that I've been posting a lot of pictures.  Well I'm glad to hear that I'm inspiring some interest in Bengal cats because I can't seem to stop photographing him when he's being cute.

Shelly asks... much are you loving your kitty? I think I'm getting ready to get a new kitten and I'm lovin the bengals. Do you have any "heads up" for me? Copper is beautiful. How old is he? How hard are they to train? Does he get up on your counters?
So here is my FAQ on Copper and since I don't know how representative he is of Bengal cats, let's just say this is more about him then about Bengals.


How old is he?
  • He was two when I adopted him.  I got him fixed shortly after so he was neutered as an adult and is still going through his changes.  I am significantly less allergic to him than when I first got him though.

Does he get up on my counters?
  • Just about every moment that he can.  And he can open drawers and cabinet doors.  He's also been on top of my fridge and on top of the roofline of the cabinets.
  • I've given up trying to keep him off at this point.  He doesn't mind water for the most part.  Doesn't like loud noises but that doesn't make for much when you're trying to keep him off your counters.

What do I love about him?
  • He's got a very strong personality.  Just look at his face.  He's got this whole... I'm a punk thing going and it's kind of awesome.  
  • He *is* indeed Gorgeous.  The pics don't lie.  I think he's probably the best looking cat I've ever had.  His coat has this rich metallic brown under-layer.  Very stunning under bright lights (and on the red carpet)
  • He's very playful and kitten like and loves little catnip mice ($2.50 for a 3-pack at Target - yay!).  When he's playing with those he charges all around the apartment.  We play together.  I throw the mouse, he pounces and goes crazy.  It's like a one-sided game of fetch.
  • He really likes shrimp and chicken.  I can give him "treats" directly from my hand and he's very gentle about taking them.  
    • However, while you're eating your food he will get up and try to sniff it... repeatedly.  And I'm sure that moves to eating it if you let him go far enough.  
    • Kate W on Bookface remarked: "Be careful, though. Bengals are feisty. Not just run-around-the-house feisty. More like claw-food-straight-out-of-your-hand feisty."  Almost true but we're only at sniffing so far.
  • He does generally want to be with you.  He's very interactive with a strong, curious, and playful personality.

Is he a lap kitty?
  • Rarely.  When I am home, he seems to wander a lot, talking to the walls.  He takes a long time to settle in and does so better when I'm in front of the TV rather that at the computer.  Too bad for him I compute more.

What is difficult about him?
  • Keeping him off the counters.
  • He really kind of doesn't shut up.
  • Trimming his nails can be tricky.  He hates it.  Has actually tried to claw me in the face once or twice over nail trims.  Still figuring it out... but lately I have to get him purring and then do one or two nails at a time.
  • He really doesn't respect the computer at all.  He is constantly between me and the monitor and occasionally types e-mails.

What has been easy?
  • For the most part, he knows where to scratch.  The main place he scratches that is improper is on my office chair.  But I have yet to see any damage.  (In fact, he's standing on the back of the chair now, which is about an inch-and-a-half wide and not too stable)
  • He was litter trained and knows where to go.  That said, he covers up thoroughly and tracks litter dust for quite a while afterward.