Friday, January 28, 2011

State of the Droid X Apps

I actually run a fairly stripped down configuration for my Droid X.  Loading too many apps and widgets seems to bog the system down as applications seemingly launch themselves and hide in the background so I am very choosy about what I will install and keep.

Here are my absolute favorite apps:

  • Engadget - easy reading for consumer electronics news
  • Kindle - syncs with Amazon to take you to your current location in the books you are reading.  Handy for knocking out a chapter during lunch
  • Listen - though obviously in need of some TLC from google, this free podcast app does the trick for downloading podcasts and playing them.  I probably use this app more than any other.
  • Places - ties in with Google maps to let you search for nearby businesses.  Yelp is similar and also helpful.  I have both.
Other things I use:
  • Widgetsoid - let's you create a custom widget for toggling just about any setting you want.  My bar includes Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Always On, Auto-rotate, and Lock Pattern.
  • Droidlight - turns on your camera LED for those times when you need a flashlight
  • Alarm Clock Plus - is a huge improvement over the built in alarm and actually provides a desk clock when you plug in.
  • Opentable - to find a restaurant nearby and book a table.  Worked nicely in NYC.
Settings I recommend:
  • Location, Location, Location - Turn everything on.  Assisted GPS, Wifi, GPS.  You need it to get good accuracy if you do anything location-based.
  • Be a miser - Minimize the number of widgets you use.  I have calendar, weather, and my Widgetsoid toggle panel.  That's it.
  • Use mobile-formatted web pages - News sites generally have really good mobile-friendly websites (for instance, Ars Technica or Fox News).  And you can always add a shortcut to a website to your launcher/desktop.
Recommendations from tech Bloggers: