Sunday, August 29, 2010

Left 4 Dead 2 - Playing Mutations Locally

I like playing L4D2 and in particular the mutations are kind of neat but sometimes I don't want to have to bother playing with other humans.  Friendly-fire and non-cooperative attitudes can be issues.  So I set out to on a quest to setup local games of L4D2 with the mutations so that I could use Gib Fest (4x M60 with unlimited ammo) with bots to complete all missions on Expert difficulty.  Here is what I found.

Method for launching local gibfest on Expert:
map MAPNAME mutation14
call vote to change diff to Expert
call vote to "restart campaign"

Here is my listing of mutation numbers:
mutation1 - last man on earth
mutation2 - headshot
mutation3 - bleedout
mutation4 - hard eight
mutation5 - 4 swordsman
mutation7 - chainsaw massacre
mutation8 - iron man
mutation9 - a room for one
mutation10 - healthpackalypse
mutation12 - follow the liter
mutation14 - gibfest

 - switching from one mutation to another results in odd behavior
 - I used "disconnect" between load-ins to clear out mutation mods (which seem to stack when you launch them one after the other)