Sunday, August 22, 2010

Going from the Palm Pre Plus to the Droid X

Here are my Initial observations about the Droid X.

Google integration is sweet:
  • Full Google Voice Support
  • The best GMail client
  • Maps navigation is a nice option

Performance is overall very good.  The phone is very smooth, except for occasional jitter on the home screen.

Keyboard is easy to use but I do use voice input a lot.  I haven't tried Swype keyboard yet.

I miss the Palm Pre Notification system, which I will admit that I prefer.  The android notifications curtain slider is hard to use with one hand - which is a big deal when you're on the road and you just want to see what that incoming SMS was.  I have resorted to using an app called SMS Popup which gives you an iPhone style modal notification for SMS.

Calendar is mostly good but I wish they would let you set multiple default reminders rather than just one.  You can always add more by hand to each event but that takes time.

Battery life is similar to Palm Pre Plus so far - I can probably get most of a day with moderate usage.

It does fit in my designer jeans stacked with my wallet.  :)

I have been able to get my podcasts using Google Labs's Listen App.  Very cool.

GPS lock seems kind of weak.

I am trying to avoid using task killers at this point.