Wednesday, April 14, 2010

William Murchison Misses the Point: Individual Rights

In honor of the imminent tax deadline, William Murchison puts this swill as the "The Debate America Needs to Have":

In 2010, Income Tax Day finds Americans wondering, as is customary on Income Tax Day, whether we'll ever get right the dratted business of taxing incomes instead of goods.

We need to address the distribution of taxes?  First?  Really? Isn't this the same as deciding which route to take before you decide what your destination is?  Or deciding how much to allocate for a budget before you've chosen your goals? 

Murchison needs a wake up call.  As a country, we don't even agree on more the more fundamental issue of of founding principles, which require discussion.

We need to discuss whether we are born into bondage, owing a debt to every other man in society, whom must not be hungry before we can think of our own stomachs and whom must be healthy before we can provide for our own health.  The alternative to this is that we are born free men, because that is what our nature as human beings requires as precondition of our survival as rational beings.  The conversation we need to have is whether every man has a right to his life, liberty, and property so that he can make his way by his own industry, unhindered by unchosen debts to others or whether we're going to lose all distinction with the manifold of tyranny that preceded the founding of our nation and which still exists in varying forms today throughout the world.

Given that our leaders have demonstrated that they have abandoned this country's founding principles, which are embodied in the Declaration of Independence, it is imperative that we re-establish and re-affirm the answers to these fundamental questions based on the facts of reality, then and only then can we determine what the government is permitted to do and what it is not, and who must pay for it allocated by what method.

Before then, you're missing the point.