Friday, April 9, 2010

Trey Givens: On Love and Marriage

Objectivist acquaintance and favorite of mine on the blogosphere, Trey Givens, wants you single people to stop beating up on yourselves.  I agree very much with Trey.  It's almost as if he went into my head and just read the contents aloud.

"There is nothing wrong with being single. Furthermore, simply because one is single does not mean that someone is doing something wrong in their efforts to find love." 

"...if you want to be happy and have a good relationship, then there is little you can do to speed things along beyond knowing what your values are and acting accordingly."

I held this view of relationships in life before Objectivism.  It hasn't changed a bit.  I think that's because I was already pretty rational about it.  If you want to find a relationship, pursue your values.  Get out into the world and go live your life!  You'll meet people, end up in adventures.  It'll be a blast.  But the most important thing is that no matter whom you meet (or not), you're living your life.

Trey goes a good bit further than this, and you can find the rest on his blog which is named modestly, Trey Givens: A Blog about a Hero.