Monday, April 5, 2010

Still Tempted by WebOS - Pixi? Maybe!

I have to admit it: I am still tempted by WebOS.

As many issues as I had with my Pre Plus, I am really feeling a bit naked being back in feature-phone land with only SMS as my capability.  I have been checking out the Pixi Plus of late and its keyboard is actually pretty amazing compared to the one on the Pre Plus.  There are a lot of drawbacks of the Pixi Plus:
  • Smaller and Dimmer screen (2.6" @ 400 x 320 vs. 3.1" @ 480 x 320)
  • Less memory (256MB vs. 512MB)
  • Lower overall performance (longer to load apps)
And yet there are things that are better
  • Way better keyboard
  • Satisfyingly Small Form-Factor
Combine with that, the fact that I get a bit less excited about Android the more I think about it.  Android is not without virtues.  The voice input is slick.  And it'd be nice to have a high res screen.  The hardware is nice, but I am not enthralled with the level of integration.

So where's that leave me? I am considering trying to purchase one on eBay for a couple hundred large.  Apparently, a $350 early termination fee and a 2-year contract extension makes me think $200-$250 out-of-pocket isn't too bad if I can make it happen.  What that leaves open is the possibility of upgrading if something else comes along later in the year or in 2011.  And it certainly seems cheaper than doing an upgrade to a Pixi Plus then trying to finagle an upgrade to a serious option in a year's time.