Thursday, April 15, 2010

Re: Sarah Palin's Boston Tea Party 2010 -- Too Soft Spoken - Current Administration's Agenda is Definitely Un-American

HuffPo quoted a couple of lines from Sarah Palin at yesterdays rally in Boston.  Clearly, she's trying to pander to somebody but her message still lacks a clear ideological position.

"I want to tell them, nah, we'll keep clinging to our Constitution and our guns and religion – and you can keep the change."

The right to keep guns is really not that important unless you're already at a point where you have no rights, in which case, you won't care what the government tells you that you have a right to anyway - it will all be smoke and mirrors.  As for the right to religion, that is protected along with the right to free speech and the right to be free from religion.  It is the same as the freedom to hold an idea and, when combined with rights to property, to act on your own judgment.

The article also quotes Palin pussy-footing around whether the actions and agenda of the administration are un-American:

"I'm not calling anyone un-American, but the unintended consequences of these actions -- the results -- are un-American."

I would have made a much stronger statement.  But you would first have to know what is, in fact, America's essential principles to know what is or is not un-American, which I doubt Palin fully grasps given her other quote.  (Incidentally, I wrote a long piece about this last year on Independence Day.  If you want to know America's essential principles, read Atlas Shrugged - or at least, the Declaration of Independence)

Once you know what is or is not fundamentally American, you can then demonstrate positively whether someone's actions and agenda are un-American in principle.  Given Palin's history of pandering to faith and religion and previous evidence that she is not particularly intellectual, I doubt she understands the concept of an objective proof either, so we will not hold our breath that the pussy-footing will stop any time soon.

I guess it doesn't much matter, Palin is not an ally of Reason or of Individual Rights.  She just the latest person to cash in on people who mistake smaller government, lower taxes, and so-called state's rights for a proper government limited to the protection of inviolable Individual Rights, for which only reason can define and demonstrate the case.

Faith gets you a blank check to believe whatever you damn well please or feel, no matter how little sense it makes.  Well, we've already had 8 years of faith-based government.  Remember that in November and remember it in a couple of years when Palin attempts a run for the White House.