Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rant: Bob McWhoGivezaratsass?

People seem to be making some kind of stink about some sort of proclamation of a Confederate History Month.  I think it's baloney.  If you've been following my writing at all, you might know that I think politicians aren't very important in terms of determining the direction of a society.  Quoting Rand:

"So long as a country is even semi-free the politicians are not its determining element.  They are what the electorate, or public opinion in effect, makes them; or what they think public opinion wants of them.  They have demonstrated that very clearly"

So big deal.  If you're pissed an you're a constituent, send him a letter.  I can't say I care enough to write him about it.  People are always trying to tell me when I should pause for reflection and of what:  New Years Resolutions.  Valentine's Day.  Labor Day.  Arbor Day.  Earth Hour.  This is just as pointless.

I look forward to a day when I can respect a politician for his ideas.  And even then, he ought to know that only I set the agenda for my own thinking, thank you very much.