Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Physics Musing

As a schoolboy, I heard the idea that if it were capable to move away from a clock at the speed of light, that the appearance of the clock would never change.  I can't say I gave it too much thought back then but something reminded me of this recently and it seemed pretty silly this time around.  Here's why:
  • We understand light to have a particle-like nature - protons moving through space (setting aside the waveform-like properties for now)
  • The speed of light is understood to be finite and constant.  It can take a lot of time for light to move through very large distances. e.g. the light from stars.
  • When two objects have the same velocity held constant, where one is behind the other, the one that is behind does not get any closer the the one which is ahead.
Setting aside the idea that it is not possible to travel at the speed of light, if you're moving away from particles of light at the same speed which they are chasing you down, wouldn't that mean that they never get to you? 

Don't mind me - it's a completely random musing.