Friday, April 16, 2010

Palm Pre Plus - It's Back

So rather than nabbing a Pixi Plus on Ebay, I decided to go after a Pre Plus since they were only about $50-$100 more.  I ended up acquiring one and I am very glad to be back on a smartphone.  The ENV2 feel really limiting after having a phone that can actually do stuff.

I've had it since Monday and it's good to be back.  Somehow it just feels better knowing that I'm not locked into this phone for 2 years by contract.  And I feel a bit better knowing that I have free wifi tethering.

It isn't everything I want it to be, mind you.  But it's a lot like having a Blackberry-style messaging phone with a usable interface for the browser and that makes it good enough to keep until some serious heavy hitter options hit the Verizon Wireless network.  A bonus: this one seems to have a slightly less troubled keyboard than my last one, which had an optional R key.

I just hope Palm keeps the updates coming and Verizon stops sitting on them