Thursday, March 25, 2010

Re: Dingell - Controlling the People

There is a money quote from Congressman Dingell in the American Thinker Blog.  The quote is captured in the title:
Rep. Dingell: It's taken a long time to 'control the people'

I was witness to a Facebook comment on this article where a person I believe to be a conservative expressed that the sympathetic on the left would either deny the meaning of his statement or think that it was acceptable and here was my response:

There will always be people who do not need evidence to hold and maintain beliefs about the nature of reality and morality.  If people needed a rational basis, that is evidence derived from fact for everything that they hold to be true, how could religion be taken seriously either metaphysically or ethically? 

Dingell likely believes that his "control", which instruments government initiation of force, is a proper and valid action of the government of a free people.  And he could not do it without the support of a vast majority of citizenry who think that it could be a noble enough goal to permit the government to force insurance companies to structure their services in a certain way, and to force others to bear the increased cost.  Only the power of morality can make the kinds of mental gymnastics possible which would permit this kind of naked government force.  Dingell's statement was likely more honest than he really wanted to be.  Faith and Force are corollaries.

The morality of altruism is what needs to be challenged here.  This is the one that says that you have no right to exist except in service to others.  It says that everyone else's need is the first mortgage on your life and you are evil if you do not serve it.  It makes a virtue of need (no matter how it is arrived at) rather than for each person to think and then work for his own gain because his nature as a human being demands that as the price of his survival.  This last is what makes altruism is evil and destructive.

Two underpinnings keep the poison of altruism alive in the American bloodstream:  Religion, its origin, keeps it alive on the right, and a Kantian-influenced pragmatic philosophy on the left which permits contradictions as truth.  The conservatives were supposed to be the defenders of Capitalism, of individual rights.  But you can't claim a right to your life, liberty, and property if you also claim that you exist to serve others.  Capitalism cannot exist without a proper moral base.  Altruism is the moral base of socialism and the purported justification of every kind of tyranny over men.  It can't happen any other way.

Unfortunately, unless we can shift this trend in the nation, we are cooked.  Unless the intellectual trend in America discovers reason and egoism we stand no chance of having a moral leg to stand on when we claim a right to our lives and our livelihood.  We will fall toward statism of one variant or another - likely fascism.

I saw this about a year ago, which is about when I started my hobby of intellectual activism.