Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Brilliant Nugget from Explore Atlas Shrugged, Session 13

I particularly enjoyed Diana's discussion of Francisco's words to Dagny Taggart upon discovering that she is alive and in the Valley.  He remarks:

"You still love me.  Even if there's one expression of it that you'll always feel and want but will not give me any longer.  I'm still what I was and you'll still see it and you'll always grant me the same response even if there's a greater one that you grant to another man.  No matter what you feel for him it will not change what you feel for me and it won't be treason to either because it comes from the same root..."

Diana's summation after some elaboration: "Just because you desire something doesn't mean that it's good for you.  And just because something is good for you under certain circumstances doesn't mean that it's good for you under any and all circumstances."

It's a brilliant echo of Rand's idea that a rational man doesn't "seek any values out of context".  Nicely done.