Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Initial Impressions on the Palm Pre Plus

(This post is part of a series providing an extended impression of using the Palm Pre Plus:
- Initial Impressions on the Palm Pre Plus.
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- Day 3 with the Palm Pre Plus 
- Day 4 with the Palm Pre Plus

Received Palm Pre Plus this morning.  Initial observations:
  • Negatives
    • Email client is not conversation threaded and does not appear to have a search capability
    • Calendar only permits one reminder time.
    • A bit sluggish with Pandora playing in background
    • Some letters show up in duplicates as I type - I have to pay close attention because...
    • Cursor placement for editing is frustratingly imprecise and there are no arrow keys.  Unlike Apple you cannot drag to place cursor.
  • Positives
    • Fits into my pants pockets nicely.
  • Jury Still Out
    • Battery life... it's been on the charger a lot today since I've been playing with it a lot.  I will fall into a more normal use pattern later.