Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 4 with the Palm Pre Plus

(This post is part of a series providing an extended impression of using the Palm Pre Plus:
- Initial Impressions on the Palm Pre Plus.
- Palm Pre Day 2 - Wifi and Contacts Borked
- Day 3 with the Palm Pre Plus
- Day 4 with the Palm Pre Plus

It was a pretty busy day at work so I didn't have as much time to fiddle around with the phone on day 4.  Nothing in depth this time - just more random observations.
  • Battery life seems to drain slowly at idle when I have IM logged in and available so I tend to turn it off when I'm at a desk.  That being said, I got home with the battery at 65% with light usage.  I'm reasonably satisfied with the battery life of the device so far but I do think it may be a multi-charge a day device depending on the severity of your usage.
  • PDF View app doesn't rotate.  All you get is portrait view.  Why bother writing one without even permitting manual landscape view?
  • Messaging App
    • Found out that you can long-press (but you must release) tap any text message to get a context menu that will permit you to forward/copy/delete text messages
    • Does not provide a character count for SMS.  Might matter to some people.  (update 2/28:  per observation from Javier Johnson on Droid - that some Droid messaging apps auto split long messages, I tried to send an SMS exceeding 160 chars and found that the messaging app automatically splits the message into to at about the 151 char mark and gives you an indicator of how many SMS slots are being used.  This was observed post WebOS 1.4 upgrade so I'm not sure if they just added it.)
  • Web Browser: you can select any block of text for copying by holding SHIFT and tapping the block.  Well-done, but inconsistent vs. the messaging app context menu, mentioned above.
  • Had a strange issue with the music player today.  It wouldn't produce any sound.  I wonder if that has to do with some kind of bad bluetooth cleanup since I had a headset hooked up earlier in the day and walked away from the headset without disconnecting/disabling.  It did not resolve when I turned off bluetooth so I rebooted the phone.