Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 3 with the Palm Pre Plus

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Today was my first real extended battery run on the device.  I managed to run the device down to about 35% battery life by the time I got home and in the course of the day, I did plenty of fiddling around.  I ran Pandora for a couple hours while I unpacked boxes at a new desk at work.  I checked mail and web on occasion.  Did some reading.

Messed with Google maps.  That's a topic all by itself.  I had a heck of a time getting it to locate me automatically.  The phone kept on saying it couldn't find my location in Google maps.  Well, I learned from a bit of searching that the location services "app" has some settings tucked away in the drop down menu.  "Locate me using..." and the choices are "GPS" (default) and "Google Services" (disabled by default). When you enable those services, they make you accept a lengthy agreement and then Google gets access to the GPS and a setting for "Background Data Collection" is added to the Location Services "app" (on by default - I disabled it).  Palm's documentation on BDC is scant and it seems to be regarded with suspicion on the interwebs.  Since it seems to work without BDC enabled, it gets to stay off.

Anyway, after enabling Google Services, we are good to go with auto-location.  Yay!  I must express my dismay though that they felt the need to hide a setting away in the application menu of a @#$%-ing settings application.  It's a settings app.  Put everything out there!

Other than that, I took a couple of calls on the phone and it functions fine as a phone though you have to be able to use the touch screen to answer - so ditch the gloves before you answer.  All said, today was a pretty boring phone day for me.  I think that's a good thing.  Being on a learning curve can be exhausting and I'm glad to be able to just use the device rather than trying to figure out why contacts aren't syncing.