Sunday, January 17, 2010

Iran says its "nuclear rights" must be recognized

 Iran says its "nuclear rights" must be recognized.  I say they have no such rights.  I say so because they systematically deny rights to their own people and kill them for speaking their minds.  They do not believe in the right to hold ideas freely and without that, you cannot have any rights at all.  They are a tyrannical regime and they deserve no measure of consideration on the matter of so-called nuclear rights. 

As I have quoted before, "Rights are moral principles which define and protect a person's freedom of action but impose no obligation on others." But rights have to be universal and fundamental.  Iran cannot properly assert rights when it does not recognize more fundamental rights of its own people.  And the USA certainly doesn't need to wait until they can threaten us with destruction before we may act against them.  They have already demonstrated what they are willing to do when force is within their means.

It is for these reasons that I hold as a convition that the USA or any other western country would be completely justified morally to proceed with destroying any Iranian atomic facilities.  We can and we ought to assert our right to exist and to destroy the means of force of an aggressive theocratic regime, if not the regime itself.