Monday, November 9, 2009

Democrats Abandon The Pretense of Defending Rights


Seems the democrats threw abortion over the side of the boat this weekend to get their bill, HR3962, passed.  I would like to observe that the topic of abortion is the only one where the democrats have been on the right side.  In just about every other circumstance, they have acted to destroy freedom and rights so that they could implement their entitlement schemes, which do nothing but increase costs and redistribute wealth but are justified by noble goals if you subscribe to the altruist/collectivist ethics.

Abortion, the marriage of convenience, is now being tossed aside.  And what rights to democrats claim they are defending?  They talk only about some small minority of Americans that do not have access to health care and how they have to do something, because compassion is at the core of American values.

Compassion is not what we founded this country on.  It was not what the revolutionary war was fought for.  We are not the country where you are your brother's keeper - the country of unchosen obligation.  To find that, you can look anywhere.  Soviet Russia.  Nazi Germany.  Red China.  Socialized Europe.

On the question of freedom, America has stood alone.  That question is simple.  Is man free?  Does his life belong to him?  Or does he exist in bondage to serve the needs and ends of others?  Until the 20th century, America alone answered that man is free.  America institutionalized rights defended by a limited government.  Since then, the answer has been diluted.  Well it just got positively muddy this weekend.

Why does the question of freedom matter?  Why is it the fundamental question in politics?  That is something I'm going to have to save for a later post, which I promise to write.