Thursday, October 22, 2009

Letters to My Representatives: No to Public Option

Dear X,

I am writing to let you know that I am strongly opposed to any kind of public option for health care and I urge you to vote against the upcoming legislation.  It is government regulation that has gotten us into this mess and only repeal of that regulation toward a free market in medicine will solve it.  The government's programs are failing because they are based on an incorrect premise that health care is a right.  This is out of line with the reality that medicine is a man-made service and any attempt to guarantee rights to a man-made service will result in monstrous injustice as we see today. 

I propose you find a solution for the government phase out the Medicare program in an orderly manner, give tax breaks to individuals and employers alike for health benefits (as opposed to favoring employers as you do today), and rollback regulations on insurance companies which force them to cover anything and everything.  This will restore rationality to our health care markets and return us a workable situation where people may purchase the health care that their means and priorities allow for.

Thank you,

Francis Luong