Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thoughts in response to Brendan's thread

Original Discussion: Sunday Open Thread #47

My thoughts in response:
  • In the life of a human being starting from first light, you have rudimentary function of sensation, pain, and pleasure. Doesn't change the fact that your life is in the hands of someone else at this point. The will to live is immaterial at this point. The infant will live or perish based on the caretaker's actions.
  • How does emotion develop from this? Psychological response likely precedes the ability to reason as the infant becomes a toddler and beyond. Does this form the basis of a will to live (or not) when enough evaluative concretes are present to indicate that certain courses of action cause pain or pleasure? Does this get connected ultimately with life and death once you realize your mortality?
  • After birth, your life is a metaphysical fact. Acceptance that you must act to support your life is necessary for the concepts of Value/Cherish/Love to be applicable. If your life becomes your primary goal and standard, you must figure out how to pursue it effectively. This leads to the development of a code of values.
  • A system of values will necessarily have to be ordered. There has to be a clear winner, a supreme value, if you're to avoid sabotaging yourself with contradictory actions.