Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Individualist's Retort -- Mass Movements

I read the following tag line in an article:
"Individualists must overcome their distrust of mass movements and rallies in order to combat the socialist tide."
The article is a mess. Too many block quotes, no solid message. Here is my response - open to all people who label themselves conservatives and would seek to form a mass movement that would include individual thinkers:

First, structure the message of your mass movement so that my individual judgment can fully agree. Yes, this means you will have to limit the scope of the message to something fundamental and succinct. The only way to win over individualists is by advocating the right ideas. It cannot occur by asking us to set aside our values and our principles. This is precisely what we don't like about mass movements.

Also, realize that it's not enough to be against something. You have to be for something. If you know only what it is you are opposed to, you will probably fail to get more than minor agreement from any active mind. Be in favor of something. A solution. An idea. Your truth will get our allegiance.

Here is the truth that will get this individual's allegiance:

Your movement must advocate the defense of Individual Rights based on a morality of self-interest. That these form the basis of our society and the fundamental charge of our government. The movement must advocate that our citizens and government officials recognize these facts, understand how the government is currently violating our rights, and that we must proceed to restructure government so that it will respect these rights.

I understand that the choice is between full unfettered laissez-faire capitalism and any form of statism or dictatorship. Do the conservatives? Do the Republicans? No? Then get out of my face about what I must cast to the side in order to combat a socialist tide. I will not trade the chains of socialist slavery for the straight-jacket of fascist dictatorship or the crucifixes of theocratic despotism. Capitalism, the system of individual rights, is what is required for you to win this individual over.

If you appeal to individualism and advocate anything less than Capitalism you don't understand individualism, or rights as such, and are not fit to represent it with your movement.